Smooth Doors

Thanks to decades of experience in the construction of fire-proof wooden doors, Sebino Chiusure created “Hotel Line”, a range of fire and sound wooden doors specifically designed for hotels.

All doors from “Hotel Line” are tested and homologated in compliance with the strictest and least European standard EN 1634 in classes EI 30 EI 45 and EI 60 (respectively thirty, forty-five and sixty minutes fire rated) and with acoustic performances certified by authorized laboratory 32db – 35,5db – 36db – 40db – 43db – 46db according to EN ISO 140/3 – EN ISO 717/1.

Sebino Chiusure owns appropriate certifications to operate on the major foreign markets.
Doors are all customized in types and finishes required by clients to fit perfectly into the environment in which they are destined, they can be equipped with chosen accessories as concealed door closers, concealed hinges, mechanical locks or electronic locks, to meet needs of both designers and contractors.

All doors are equipped with a metal plate for identification, a certificate issued by the Ministry of Interior, a certificate of conformity to test prototype according to EN 1634 as well as a certificate of the acoustic test report issued by an authorized acoustic laboratory.

The technical department of Sebino Chiusure provides to the client free consultation to find together with the designers the best technical and aesthetic solution that suits everyone’s needs.