Fire Partition

Fire partition

A range of blind fire doors, tested and homologated in compliance with the strictest european standard

EI 60 – EI 120 BLIND

We design and produce both standard and custom-made doors that perfectly fit every architecture context.

We produce blind and glazed fire doors tested and certified according to EN 1634 and assested by BM Trada in the following classes: EI 30 – EI 60 – EI 90 – EI 120 in line with the strictest European standards and wooden sound reduction doors with high acoustic performance tested and certified 32dB – 36dB – 41dB – 43dB – 45dB.

The fireproof doors are equipped with a metal identification plate, a certificate of approval issued by the Ministry of the Interior and an assessment issued by BM Trada. The soundproof doors are provided with a sound reduction test certificate issued by an authorized laboratory.

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