On Wednesday 7 September 2022 the Luigi Rovati Foundation Art Museum opened in Milan. The Museum is housed in the historic Palazzo Bocconi – Rizzoli Carraro overlooking the gardens of via Palestro, in corso Venezia 52.

There are over 250 works spread over two exhibition floors that take the visitor from the world of Etruscan art to that of contemporary art.

The underground space develops on two levels below the building, intended for the exhibition (first level) and the archive (second level). The exhibition area on the first level recalls the curvilinear environments of Etruscan funerary architecture and has a layered wall envelope, made with 30,000 sandblasted Pietra Forte Fiorentina ashlars.

The restoration, expansion and redevelopment of the building was developed by the MCA – Mario Cucinella Architects studio, founded and directed by Mario Cucinella.

Sebino Chiusure has supplied for this museum EI 120 double-leaf doors coplanar on 2 sides with paneling applied on the push side and EI 120 single-leaf doors lacquered on one side in white RAL 9010 and on the opposite side rough with a coat of cementite.

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