HABITA79 Pompei


Housed in a majestic twentieth-century building and located in the heart of Pompeii just a few steps from the entrance to the UNESCO-listed archaeological excavations, HABITA79 has undergone a complete and recent renovation.
Today it is a boutique hotel where you can breathe a sober and refined elegance that derives from the fusion of modern design and sources of inspiration from the ancient Pompeian domus.
Sebino Chiusure has supplied different types of doors for this hotel: EI 30 and EI 60 soundproof doors 41db coplanar room entrance with strips on the suitcase door and gold-colored protection profiles on the edges of the frames, soundproof doors 41db, EI 60 doors, doors REI 60 with 2 glass doors, normal coplanar bathroom bedroom doors, sliding doors and normal roto-translating doors.

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