Portrait Milano is the new address of Milanese hospitality that appropriates one of the most evocative secret places in the historic center to give it back to visitors and inhabitants of the city. We are talking about the former Archiepiscopal’s Seminary in Corso Venezia 11, reborn thanks to an ambitious conservative renovation project promoted by Lungarno Collection and put into practice by architect Michele De Lucchi and his AMDL CIRCLE studio.

The new Piazza del Quadrilatero boasts an area of ​​over 2800 square meters, surrounded by a seventeenth-century colonnade under which restaurants, bars and boutiques will be housed.

The hotel is divided into 73 rooms and suites, marked by timeless elegance. The architect Michele Bönan adopts a classic style in which the elegant tradition of the old Milanese residences resurfaces, but a contemporary touch is added to enrich the picture, with details inspired by Tuscan craftsmanship such as the leather handles and the rattan wainscoting, a tribute to the roots of the Ferragamo family, which is behind the Lungarno Collection. The resulting atmosphere is the intimate and enveloping one of a private place, an oasis of peace and silence that acts as a perfect counterpoint to the stimulating vivacity of the Piazza.

Sebino Chiusure supplied for this prestigious hotel EI 60 windows for exteriors and EI 60 and EI 120 CE certified single/double leaf doors worked in bas-relief with panels and frames.

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